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Trump Says A Blog Proves Muslim Ban Decision Was Wrong. It Blows Up In His Face

Trump Says A Blog Proves Muslim Ban Decision Was Wrong. It Blows Up In His Face

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This morning President Donald Trump threw another one of his daily Twitter tantrums, this time about yesterday’s appeals court decision to uphold the suspension of his Muslim travel ban. His Tweet cited an opinion piece about the decision on a blog called Lawfare.

Trump was apparently watching MSNBC’s Morning Joe program this morning instead of working. He tweeted the exact same passage that had been quoted on-air 12 minutes before:

Trump clearly didn’t read the short article in its entirety, as while the blog post does take the time to criticize the judges’ decision, it ultimately concludes it was correct. It says:

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The Ninth Circuit is correct to leave the TRO in place, in my view, for the simple reason that there is no cause to plunge the country into turmoil again while the courts address the merits of these matters over the next few weeks.

The court decision yesterday only ruled on the narrow question of whether Trump’s executive order should be blocked while its lawfulness is considered by the courts, not whether the order should be rescinded entirely. Despite this, the judges made use of their perfect opportunity to completely destroy the government’s arguments in their appeal.

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There is no precedent to support this claimed unreviewability, which runs contrary to the fundamental structure of our constitutional democracy.

To which Trump childishly Tweeted

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The president’s frequent twitter outbursts may come back to haunt him, as the judges used some of Trump’s tweets to come to their conclusion that executive order specifically targeted Muslims.

The president’s incompetence is really quite sad. After numerous public gaffes and slip-ups by himself and his administration, he still can’t seem to figure out how to hold it together and be presidential in his manner, even when his actions have contributed to his losing this appeal.

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