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A Congressman Just Invoked A Forgotten 1924 Rule To Expose Trump’s Taxes

A Congressman Just Invoked A Forgotten 1924 Rule To Expose Trump’s Taxes

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Despite all of his many promises to do so, President Donald Trump has still not released his tax returns to the public. He’s offered a litany of excuses along the way before finally conceding he’ll never release them, having his mouthpiece Kellyanne Conway announce that “people don’t care” about his tax returns.

In fact, the vast majority of the American people – 74% of us – want to see Trump’s tax returns, and one Democratic congressman thinks he’s found a way to force the issue.

Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-NJ) has dug up an archaic 1924 tax rule that allows Congress to examine the tax returns of anyone, including the President, in order to determine if there are any conflicts of interest that need to be addressed.

Pascrell has asked the Ways and Means Committee, of which he is a member, to order the Treasury Department to provide them with ten years worth of Trump’s tax returns. Based on their conclusions, they may be able to share them with the public.

Trump has fought so long and so hard to hide his tax returns from the public eye that they are almost certain to contain incriminating evidence, whether it be that he hasn’t paid taxes at all or, as many suspect, secret investments in Russia.

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This rule was previously used to examine Pres. Richard Nixon’s tax returns. Since he eventually resigned, let us hope that a similar sequence of events plays out.

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