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Trump Just Hired Cheerleaders For The Most Pathetic Reason Ever

Trump Just Hired Cheerleaders For The Most Pathetic Reason Ever

We all know about President Donald Trump’s preference for large, adoring crowds, even if it turns out they aren’t that large, or that adoring. In planning his upcoming trip to Britain, Trump advisors and the British Foreign Office are looking for ways to avoid the inevitably huge crowds of protesters that will gather on the streets of London to make sure the orange buffoon knows exactly what they think of him.

One of the proposed ideas was to fly over a squad of NFL cheerleaders to perform at the massive rally Trump wants to be planned. This will no doubt be to add at least some semblance of support for Trump in a country whose population are none too fond of him.

Another idea was to move the visit from London, the capital, to the city of Birmingham. The only problem is Birmingham has a large Muslim minority who were very quick to make clear that they, and the rest of the city, will not be welcoming him with open arms, or at all as the city’s mayor has launched a petition to ban Trump from visiting at all.

Local politicians and campaigners told Trump directly that he will not escape what is predicted to be Britain’s largest ever anti-racism protest.

Birmingham is a wonderfully diverse city, home to people of every background, every faith. President Trump with his hateful and divisive rhetoric, policies and Muslim ban is not welcome here.

The British Government is going to try their hardest to make sure that Trump doesn’t see or hear the protests that will be raging across the country. It must be hard for foreign governments, knowing that their guest might have a tantrum about something they have no control over. The fact that relations with foreign countries, some of whom have been our allies for over half a century, now rely on the president being in a good mood is ludicrous and embarrassing.

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