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Hillary Just Responded to Michael Flynn’s Resignation in EPIC Fashion

Hillary Just Responded to Michael Flynn’s Resignation in EPIC Fashion

The world is buzzing with the news that one of President Donald Trump’s top members of his cabinet, National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, resigned in disgrace in the late evening hours of February 13. Trump’s former presidential rival, Sec. Hillary Clinton, blasted Trump and Flynn on Twitter using the deft touch of a jeweler as only she knows how.

Rather than directly comment on Flynn’s departure where he tucked his tail between his legs and ran home Clinton referenced the words of her longtime friend Phillipe Reines who was far more direct in his assessment of the scenario. Clinton tweeted a link to Reines along with the following slap:

Reins’ tweet openly mocked Flynn and his son for their involvement in spreading the entirely debunked “pizzagate” scandal that attempted to tie Hillary Clinton and her advisers to a pedophilia ring operating outside of a pizza parlor. In closing Reins included a link to the website of “Domino’s” pizza for a job opening for the newly unemployed former National Security Adviser:

With Flynn leaving Trump’s inner circle it was apt for Reins to point out how Flynn’s son, Michael Flynn Jr., was a driving force behind spreading the “pizzagate” scandal which saw an armed lunatic enter a restaurant and begin opening fire. Back in December Flynn Jr. tweeted, “Until #Pizzagate proven to be false, it’ll remain a story.” He also tweeted, “The left seems to forget #PodestaEmails and the many ‘coincidences’ tied to it.” The tweet has since been deleted, but the Internet never forgets. A screenshot of the now discarded tweet can be viewed below:

Replacing Flynn, at least in the interim, will be retired Lt. General Keith Kellog who was Flynn’s chief of staff. For the present moment Trump’s administration is embroiled in open chaos as Republicans continue to eat their own in a struggle for power and influence inside the White House. Trump and his cabinet continue to prove, over and over, how unfortunately unprepared they are to be in command of the Executive Branch of the United States government.

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