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What Michael Flynn Said About Hillary In July Just Came Back to Haunt Him

What Michael Flynn Said About Hillary In July Just Came Back to Haunt Him

Before resigning Monday evening as Donald Trump’s national security adviser over his illegal contact and dealings with Russian officials, treasonous General Michael Flynn used his speech at the Republican National Convention to hypocritically accuse then-candidate Hillary Clinton of lesser crimes — going as far as to call for her arrest and imprisonment, while the crowds in front of him cheer “lock her up!”

“We’re saying that because if I, a guy who knows this business, if I did a tenth, a tenth of what she did, I would be in jail today,” Flynn said at the Republican National Convention in July while encouraging supporters to continue chanting. “So — so, Crooked Hillary Clinton, leave this race now!”

It’s fair to assume he’s definitely regretting these words now.

Well, if Flynn was ready to lock Clinton up for nothing more than her careless use of an email server, what would he suggest be done with someone who purposefully leaked classified documents and then went on to form secret alliances through encrypted conversations with Russian officials about the recent sanctions imposed upon them?

This is all from the same man who accused Clinton of crimes for her “careless use of a private e-mail server” and defending the chants at Trump rallies of “lock her up!”

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These are the actions of a traitor. Nothing less. Flynn not only puts lives at risk in Afghanistan, he undermined the democratic process and made deals with Russia behind many people’s back, breaking numerous laws and even, if we are to believe the administration was in the dark, behind the back of Vice President Mike Pence.

If the former national security adviser wishes to lock up Clinton for sloppy use of email, it is only fitting that treason is dealt with to no less a degree of seriousness.

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