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Trump’s Michael Flynn Just Resigned After Being Caught Colluding With Russia

Trump’s Michael Flynn Just Resigned After Being Caught Colluding With Russia

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It’s only been 24 days since the inauguration of Donald Trump as President, and already his first high-level staffer has resigned in disgrace. CNN reports that two senior officials indicate National Security Advisor Gen. Michael Flynn has resigned from the Trump administration just days after news reports revealed that he contacted the Russian Ambassador to discuss President Obama’s sanctions.

Flynn was regularly contacting the Russian Ambassador before taking office – most notably at the same time as President Obama was issuing sanctions against Putin and key Russian companies for interfering in our most recent elections to help Donald Trump.

Flynn first denied the charges, then later admitted he discussed the sanctions imposed by President Obama against that Russia in response to invading Ukraine and Crimea, as well as those levied in December 2016.

Now, Flynn’s out, and lingering questions remain about both the possibility of criminal charges against him and serious inquiries about his Russian ties heading towards the President.

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Federal authorities should continue to investigate Flynn’s communications with Russia, which all happened while he was a private citizen, because the Logan Act specifically forbids private citizens from negotiating with foreign governments in diplomatic disputes, even though it has never been used to prosecute someone.

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Former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates warned the new White House that Michael Flynn was in danger of being blackmailed by Russian state actors or their allies.

The drama is only beginning as the public cry for answers grows louder with each passing day.

Just watch Flynn give Vladimir Putin a standing ovation here, and you’ll understand that the former General’s departure from the National Security Council is some of the best news for Americans that we have reported in the early days of the Trump regime:


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