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Hillary’s Campaign Chief Just Blasted The FBI For Ignoring Flynn’s Treason While Smearing Her

Hillary’s Campaign Chief Just Blasted The FBI For Ignoring Flynn’s Treason While Smearing Her

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Robby Mook, the former manager of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, has taken to Twitter to demand answers from the F.B.I. after it appears to have been biased in how it influenced the American election. Just weeks before election day F.B.I. directed James Comey wrote a letter to Congress announcing that there would be a further investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal since new evidence had arisen after she was cleared months prior.

The letter caused Clinton’s poll numbers to plummet. Comey closed the investigation again three days before the election, but the damage was already done. Clinton went from a certain win to a neck and neck contest, which she ultimately lost to Donald Trump.

Now, the New York Times has revealed that the F.B.I. was aware of ongoing contact between multiple members of the Trump campaign team and Russian operatives during the campaign. While the F.B.I. publicly aired concerns over Clinton’s email server, it concealed its investigation into suspicious, possibly treasonous conduct by high level Trump staffers.

Mook called out this total hypocrisy on Twitter:

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The F.B.I. released and withheld information in a way that misled to Americans into thinking that Clinton was tarnished by mishandling classified emails while Trump had no security-related issues. In fact, Trump’s close associates were engaging with foreign spies. Voters went to the polls with this misinformation in their minds.

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The threat of foreign espionage certainly outweighs the threat of possible email hacking years prior. Because of the F.B.I.’s mishandling of the Clinton and Trump investigations, voters unknowingly elected a man compromised by Russian infiltration of his campaign team. Now there is reason to suspect that his White House is home to Kremlin influence as well.

Meanwhile, Republican Congresspeople who were eager to investigate Clinton’s actions as former Secretary of State over, and over, and over after each investigation failed to find wrongdoing, are happy to sit back and watch Russia compromise American democracy.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), chair of the House Oversight Committee, ruthlessly investigated Clinton and held the Obama Administration to account. He promised to hold Trump just as accountable, saying, “My job as the chairman of the oversight committee is not be a cheerleader for the president. … I have a duty and an obligation to provide oversight and hold him accountable, and hold his administration accountable.”

Those were nice words, but Chaffetz is refusing to investigate conflicts within the executive branch, including allegations involving Trump staff and policies being compromised by Russian agents.

Mook tweeted,

Republicans are demonstrating their commitment to party over country. They appeared to be concerned with national security when President Obama was in charge. Now that a Republican is in the White House, we are realizing that it was partisanship all along.

It is up to the American people to demand information about Trump’s connections with Russia. We must let our representatives know that we will not take ‘no’ for an answer. America’s future is at stake. The time for partisanship is over. It’s time for the truth.

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