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NBC Just Implicated Mike Pence In The Flynn-Russia Cover-Up

NBC Just Implicated Mike Pence In The Flynn-Russia Cover-Up

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The firestorm of controversy engulfing former National Security Advisor Gen. Michael Flynn and President Trump over Flynn’s secret communications with Russian officials isn’t sparing Vice-President Mike Pence.

Acting Attorney General Sally Yates and White House Counsel Dan McGahn warned the White House that Flynn had lied about discussing sanctions in his calls with the Russian ambassador and was potentially vulnerable to blackmail by the Russians in late January.

But NBC News is reporting that Trump decided not to share that information with Vice-President Pence until February 9th – six days ago.

Pence had spent the previous week on the media circuit defending Flynn before the world, making this revelation extremely embarrassing for him. It shows that Pence isn’t trusted or respected in the White House – or that this story is being leaked by Republican officials to insulate Pence from the fallout of this scandal so that he can smoothly take over when Trump is impeached or resigns in disgrace.

But once Pence was informed about the potentially treasonous communications by Gen. Flynn, he felt no need to actually do something about it. Rather than publically condemn him for misleading the White House or for attempting to conspire with representatives of a foreign power as a private citizen, Pence did nothing. The Washington Post reports that:

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But even as Flynn flailed, Pence did not urge Trump to fire him, or lash out against him. Instead, said two officials familiar with the situation, Pence was disappointed and suggested that Flynn could publicly apologize. Others within the White House, however, thought what Flynn had done was egregious and unacceptable.

“The vice president is a very forgiving man,” said one White House official.

It just goes to show that the avowed anti-LGBT religious extremist is just as much of a hypocrite as the rest of the false patriots in the Republican Party. If they cared about the security of this nation as much as they claim to – or held the Trump administration to the same standards they held President Obama and Secretary Hillary Clinton – they’d be demanding for congressional investigations for the whole Trump team.

Once again, it falls to the Democrats to make sure justice is served in this nation.

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