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Stephen King Just Imitated Trump’s Tweets In The Funniest Way

Stephen King Just Imitated Trump’s Tweets In The Funniest Way

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Author Stephen King took to Twitter Tuesday morning to mock Donald Trump and take a swing at the Republican Party for their insistence on overturning the Affordable Care Act.

The hilarious tweet reads, “My Trump imitation: ‘Stupid Repubs want to destroy Affordable Care act, but have no idea how to replace it! Destroying America! SAD!’”

Not only does the tweet poke fun at Trump’s childish tweets that read at a third-grade level, a tweet Trump is likely to see and throw a tantrum over, but the tweet also points out a glaring problem with the GOP’s plan to overturn the popular law.

The Republican Party has been talking about repealing the ACA since Trump was elected in November, yet they have not been able to come up with a replacement option that they believe will be better. In fact, for all the promises they have made, they have done little to actually kill the law. Likely because they understand that the American people, even Republicans, will likely revolt if they do.

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Instead, they are letting Trump use Executive Orders against the healthcare law to undermine some of its key features such as blocking insurance companies from turning away patients with pre-existing conditions.

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One thing became clear after the election. Many Trump supporters did not realize the ACA was the same thing as Obamacare and have voiced their anger that the GOP and Trump plan to take away their healthcare plans, which they can only afford via the deep subsidies provided by Obama’s plan.

King has been a vocal opponent of Trump’s presidency dating back to his early candidacy and is using his large platform to speak out as often as he can against the president and the rest of the Republican Party.

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