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Former Agent: US Intel Just Declared War On Trump, “He Will Die In Jail”

Former Agent: US Intel Just Declared War On Trump, “He Will Die In Jail”

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President Donald Trump’s war with the intelligence community is about to go nuclear, says former NSA analyst and national security expert John Schindler.

The intelligence community’s efforts to do their jobs and expose the connections between the Trump camp and the Russian government have been met with insults and attacks from our hypersensitive President as he attempts to paint them as the enemy and sides with the Russians against the men and women who work tirelessly to keep our nation safe from foreign threats.

Just this morning, Trump decided to smear last night’s bombshell report on the Trump camp’s continued contacts with Russian officials during the election as “illegal:”

This is only the latest in a long string of attacks – like that time Trump compared the intelligence community to “Nazis” – that Schindler says is aggravating the intelligence community – with potentially devastating consequences:

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In this tweet, IC is shorthand for “intelligence community” and EM for “email.”

If we take these tweets at face value, Trump’s continued insistence on berating the intelligence community for their work and siding with the Russians over our own national security apparatus is going to come back to haunt him.

The only thing “illegal” about this entire scandal are the secret communications that the Trump campaign was conducting with agents of the Russian Federation during and after the election – and every move the Trump administration makes only deepens the suspicion that the Russian government is blackmailing our so-called President – and that is an unacceptable state of affairs.

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