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Trump Just Told A Huge Lie About His Election Win, And A Reporter Called Him Out

Trump Just Told A Huge Lie About His Election Win, And A Reporter Called Him Out

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During today’s press conference, Donald Trump again claimed that he received the biggest electoral college win since Ronald Reagan. He is obsessed with his supposed massive victory and massive inaugural crowds, despite the fact that these have been repeatedly debunked. Luckily, a member of what Trump would call the “fake news media” called him out on his lie.


We are going to give one final fact check to set the record straight once and for all. Here are the total number of electoral college votes received by the winner of every single presidential election since Reagan’s first presidential win in 1980:

  • 1980 Ronald Reagan 489
  • 1984 Ronald Reagan 525
  • 1988 George H.W. Bush 426
  • 1992 Bill Clinton 370
  • 1996 Bill Clinton 379
  • 2000 George W. Bush 271
  • 2004 George W. Bush 286
  • 2008 Barack Obama 365
  • 2012 Barack Obama 332
  • 2016 Donald Trump 304

Reagan did receive outstanding numbers of electoral votes. Republican George W. Bush performed very poorly. Since 1980 he received the lowest number of electoral votes of any president, including Trump. However, Bush is the only president who received fewer electoral votes than Trump since Reagan.

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Trump was outperformed by Republican George H.W. Bush, Democrat Bill Clinton in both of his elections, and Democrat Barack Obama in both of his elections.

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Trump’s constant lying about his popularity and vote totals are a sign of desperation from a man who’s legitimacy as president has been questioned since day one. There is a consensus in the intelligence community that Russia interfered in the American election to help Trump win. Trump also lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton by 3 million votes, a historically unprecedented margin.

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The American people are right to question Trump and to fight to hold him accountable. Trump does not have a mandate from the majority of voters and he knows it. He tries to compensate by falsifying his electoral numbers, but we won’t let him get away with it.

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