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The Ex-Navy Seal Trump Chose To Replace Flynn Just Shot Down His Offer

The Ex-Navy Seal Trump Chose To Replace Flynn Just Shot Down His Offer

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Observing the humiliation of President Donald Trump and his administration has been of awe-inspiring wonder. The egotistical degradation of the Oval Office’s current occupant has taken another step down the ladder toward oblivion when his pick to replace the disgraced former National Security Adviser, Mike Flynn, flatly turned him down.

With all of the scandals flowing out of the White House like sweet milk and honey, one does not have to perform mental contortions to understand why any individual would be leery of joining that dysfunctional team.

On bended knee, Trump asked retired Navy Vice-Admiral Robert Harward to, pretty please, be his new National Security Adviser. Harward is, among other things, the former commander of SEAL TEAM 3. Harward declined Trump’s invitation, and who would blame him? CNN’s Jake Tapper revealed Haward told a friend the offer was a “sh*t sandwich.”

This places Trump in an embarrassing spot as during his disaster of a press conference on Feb. 16 he said he had an “outstanding” candidate to replace Flynn. Apparently not, and now Trump is left in limbo attempting to scramble to replace one of the most important members of his cabinet.

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However, the declination by Harward is not looked upon as negatively by all members of Trump’s team. Senior adviser and master propagandist Steve Bannon has been attempting to consolidate power in the White House and was openly undercutting Flynn before his departure. The longer that fewer individuals have the ability to chirp in Trump’s ear is the scenario Bannon prefers over all others.

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Beyond Harward’s ability to watch the news and observe the demolition derby taking place inside the White House and wishing to avoid being its latest victim, he has legitimate concerns about his ability to place his choice of staff on the National Security Council. This was a particular point of contention after it was revealed that KT McFarland, the former deputy of Flynn, is going to remain on the council.

With Harward all but vacated the job may fall to an already disgraced member of the military, retired general David Petraeus who was forced out of his perch atop the Central Intelligence Agency as its director because he gave classified information to his mistress.

Petraeus was later given a sentence of 2 years probation and a fine of $100,000. Trump gravitating towards Petraeus seems to logically follow as they both have an affinity for women who are not their wives, and they both enjoy giving away state secrets.

How Trump would have the gall to even consider Petraeus for the position speaks to his obliviousness which is how he found himself in this position in the first place.

If Petraeus did take the job, he’d have to notify his parole officer first. Far from hiring “the best” people, Trump can’t seem to hire any.

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