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Ignoring Flynn, Chaffetz Just Demanded Charges Against Hillary Aide Over Email Server

Ignoring Flynn, Chaffetz Just Demanded Charges Against Hillary Aide Over Email Server

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Instead of dealing with the accusations of treason rocking the Trump administration from the top down, the House Oversight Committee Chair, Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), is again fruitlessly attacking Hillary Clinton and her camp over her emails.

The GOP’s insistence on devoting attention to the losing candidate’s private email server while ignoring the potential consequences of former National Security Adviser Gen. Michael Flynn’s secret communications with Russian officials, which Trump was more than likely aware of, is not only embarrassing but a major national security risk.

After the way Trump conducted himself at the press conference yesterday, it would seem Chaffetz should have more than enough to do. If he were to pick a focus it should certainly be the Russian meddling in our elections and Flynn’s disgraceful resignation after admitting to “misleading” the government.

But no, Chaffetz is not a man of logic or principle. Because he said he would go after Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail, in spite of everything that has actually happened since then—including the fact that the Russians probably hacked Hillary  — dagnammit, he’s going after Hillary.

Chaffetz and newly confirmed Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, a blind-from-the-inside duo, are hell bent on investigating Democrats while turning a blind eye to the crimes of the Trump camp.

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Chaffetz has asked the Justice Dept. to bring charges against Bryan Pagliano, best known for helping Clinton set up her private email server. Pagliano is being prosecuted after not complying with a subpoena against him to testify before the House Oversight Committee. He did not appear and was held in contempt of Congress as a result.

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Chaffetz brought this up to Sessions, saying that continued refusal of Pagliano to appear would mean a misdemeanor. According to Chaffetz, who very much not doing his job, the”authority to compel witnesses is integral to Congress’s and the Committee’s investigative powers.”

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While it is true that Pagliano broke the law by refusing to comply with a subpoena, the DOJ announced yesterday that it will not be looking to charge Gen. Flynn with any crimes for lying to the FBI, which is a felony. The double standard is outrageous.

It’s a disgrace that Chaffetz is so blindly partisan that he is refusing to do his duty as House Oversight Committee Chair and refusing to hold an investigation into acts that are potentially treasonous.

If they really cared so much about our national security, perhaps they’d investigate Donald Trump for holding high-level national security talks in a crowded dining room full of uncleared civilians or the fact that Trump let a man who was potentially being blackmailed by the Russians continue to access high-level classified information for weeks without telling anyone.

If Hillary Clinton even came remotely close to anything that Trump has done, the Republicans would ensure she was out. The uproar over her emails was unfounded and she was eventually found innocent, but the GOP is still on a witch hunt to deflect attention from their own inability to lead this country.

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