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This Republican Just Tried To Hide From Her Constituents With The WORST Excuse

This Republican Just Tried To Hide From Her Constituents With The WORST Excuse

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Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) is too cowardly to take responsibility for her actions and to face the anger of the people who elected her. After being harassed by huge crowds demanding that she “Save our Healthcare” during one of her speeches, McMorris Rodgers learned the hard way that her new friends in Washington weren’t quite so popular back home.

To try and keep them out of her hair, she announced that the fire marshal has declared it unsafe for more than two people occupy her office at a time— which is an easily disprovable lie.

McMorris Rodgers’ camp alleges that she consulted with Mr. Michael Miller, the Spokane fire marshal, and tried to claim that the banning the people of her district from entering her office had nothing to do with the fact that she is supporting Donald Trump against their interests but is too ashamed to face them. They issued the following statement:

“The congresswoman wants to hear from everyone,” McMorris Rodger’s press secretary said. “Where freedom of speech is answered with more speech, and not with violence.”

“The decision to limit the number of people in the Spokane office was made after consultation with the fire marshal, who issued a written ruling that only two members of the public could safely occupy the office on the sixth floor of the Peyton Building at a time,” she continued, also adding, that the arrangement allowed concerned citizens to meet with staff members individually, which promoted a “better dialogue.”

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But in reality, this was a sleazy way for McMorris Rodgers to avoid her duties as a representative and to scapegoat Miller, who is not happy about being used in this way.

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“I think somebody got badly quoted,” he said. “I did not issue any ruling saying only two members of the public could be in Cathy McMorris Rodgers’ office at the same time.”

He issued a statement which clarified that McMorris Rodgers was full of it “Based on Washington State’s currently adopted International Fire Code, International Building Code, and local municipal codes, the maximum capacity of the entire tenant space is 30 people.”

This is Republican “alternative facts” in action. Miller, the fire marshal, says the max occupancy of McMorris Rodgers’ office is 30 people, so she conveniently claims it is two—totally disregarding the truth.

No matter their level, Republicans will do anything they can to weasel out of accountability for their actions, including lying to the people who put them in office and using an innocent civil servant as a scapegoat.

McMorris Rodgers does not want to protect the people of Spokane’s healthcare; she is afraid to face the people whose lives are at stake. Like every other Republican, it seems. from the bottom of the food chain to the top, her interests do not extend beyond herself.

McMorris Rodgers thought that by keeping people out of her office she could keep them out of mind, but they are not going to let her get away supporting the repeal of the Affordable Care Act and supporting Donald Trump in everything that he does.

In fact, none of us should allow these GOP snakes to endanger our lives any longer; we have to go to where our representatives work and stand up to them, like the people of Spokane have, and let them know that enough is enough.

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