Twitter Is Furious After Trump Makes Sexist Quip At Boeing Plant

Today, President Donald Trump visited a Boeing plant in South Carolina to hold a pep rally for the new unveiling of the aircraft manufacturer’s 787 Dreamliner plane.

After reminding the audience about how tremendous the margin of his election victory in South Carolina was, Trump launched into one of his typical rambling speeches that was unremarkable until he said this:

Trump’s remark was immediately interpreted as a sexist and ageist dig at women, which is not unreasonable considering Donald Trump’s well-documented history of valuing women only for their youth and beauty and disparaging older women who no longer meet his standards, his fondness for making lewd remarks about underage women, the fact that he married and divorced a succession of increasingly younger women, and the fact that he’s been accused of raping a thirteen-year-old girl. 

Twitter exploded in anger at Trump’s remark:

Republican President Trump has yet to show any kind of basic politeness to demographic groups that are not white males. Yesterday, he shouted down an Orthodox Jew who asked him about anti-Semitism and asked a black reporter to arrange a meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus for him.

Knowing Trump’s history of flagrant misogyny, it’s hard to take this remark at anything but a dig at older women. We hope Melania was watching.