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Mark Cuban Just Trolled Trump At The All-Star Game In The Best Way Possible

Mark Cuban Just Trolled Trump At The All-Star Game In The Best Way Possible

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The National Basketball Association has declared itself the progressive champion of America’s high-profile professional sports leagues, and now politics are spilling onto the hardwood’s highest-profile stage.

Tonight, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban threw some red meat at the liberal league’s NBA All-Star weekend Celebrity Game and trolled America’s delusional 45th President all over national TV.

Republican President Trump has been going bananas with his attacks on Mark Cuban after the New York Post called him the biggest threat to become America’s 46th President, who tweeted that “he’s not smart enough” to handle the job which the orange one is struggling to perform.

All Mark Cuban needed to respond perfectly to the Cyber Bully-in-Chief was one special basketball jersey with a two digit message that even a moron President could understand: 46.

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It caps a busy week for Cuban, who has been blasting away at Trump’s horrid incompetence all over Twitter this week according to ESPN:

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“Trumps biggest issues are: No self-awareness, no situational awareness, can’t admit mistakes, no leadership skills, can’t stay focused,” and “No management skills, doesn’t read, doesn’t use tech and makes no effort to learn, only consumes analog media.”

The Shark Tank investor also called Trump “Pinocchio” in a biting on-court interview.

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It’s uncertain if Donald Trump will understand the Disney-character reference, since that particular puppet doesn’t appear on Fox News often.

Mark Cuban’s media savvy and in-your-face attitude is precisely why the White House is really scared that the NBA owner will run for President in 2020. If Trump keeps attacking the billionaire entrepreneur, Cuban’s profile will be so high by the time primary season starts, he’ll become the prohibitive favorite.

Voters who thought the Trump Organization’s putrid business record gave The Donald the important skills need e to be our President will be thrilled to select Mark Cuban, who didn’t need his daddy’s help to become one of America’s most successful businessmen.

Maybe that’s why Mark Cuban looks so happy while being introduced in his epic Trump trolling jersey on ESPN tonight.

Take a look:

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