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Bipartisan Senators Just Took Measures To Keep Trump From Destroying Russian Treason Evidence

Bipartisan Senators Just Took Measures To Keep Trump From Destroying Russian Treason Evidence

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Try as he might, President Donald Trump has not been able to cover-up his collusion with the Russian government and their involvement in changing the course of the presidential election.

The director of the FBI, James Comey, met in secret with members of the Senate from both parties to discuss the looming investigation into Trump. During this meeting, protocols were put in place to prevent individuals in Trump’s administration from destroying documents which may be later used as evidence of the administration’s complicity.

While Trump’s adviser Steve Bannon, who might as well be the reincarnation of Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels, has moved to make the White House entirely paperless to protect the administration from later prosecution for their criminal conduct, he will not be able to save Trump from an official investigation¬†into his ties with Russia.

The actual minutes of the meeting are unknown, as the members of the Senate Intelligence Committee are staying mum on what was said. However, that the meeting happened at all is terribly bad news for Trump.

What is bad news for the rest of the nation is that a secret meeting had to be held in the first place, rather than discussing the matter in a public forum. Trump has shown himself to be willing to go to great lengths to silence his critics for the pettiest of reasons – let alone on the very serious subject of him laying in bed with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

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The leading Democrat who sits on the intelligence committee, Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) confirmed the committee is actively pursuing an agenda to stop Trump and his team from destroying evidence:

The committee has put in place a process to ensure the White House does not destroy documents lawmakers need for their investigation.

Warner further warned that he does not wish for the integrity of investigation to be lessened through partisan bickering, “What we are trying to do…is to not have this devolve into a partisan food fight that doesn’t serve the public purpose. This is so important that we get it right.”

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Warner also commented on his exasperation with how Trump supporters – and the Republican Party as a whole – are willing to turn a blind eye towards the obvious involvement of the Russian government which has been confirmed by the NSA, FBI, and the CIA.

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But the amount of manipulation, why there’s not more outrage about the fact there were close to 1,000 Russian internet trolls, actual people, working trying to manipulate our news.

Public outrage has been growing at a fevered pitch since it was announced Trump’s former National Security Adviser, Mike Flynn, resigned in disgrace for secretly communicating with the Russian government. It was later learned Trump knew about Flynn’s treason weeks prior to his resignation and didn’t lift a finger until the information became known to the public.

As a result, members of Congress have been working with fevered intensity to ramp up their various investigations, which now total at least three, into the Russian government’s influence over American legislative officials.

The bell tolls for Trump and, sooner rather than later, he is going to be forced to account for his dastardly backroom deal making. A former NSA intelligence officer, John Schindler, ominously warned individuals in the intelligence community are preparing for Trump to “die in jail.”

That prediction now appears to not be that far off.

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