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Trump Declared the Press “Enemies.” The Watergate Reporter’s Response Is Perfect

Trump Declared the Press “Enemies.” The Watergate Reporter’s Response Is Perfect

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Legendary journalist Carl Bernstein is one of the few patriotic Americans who can make an unquestionable comparison between Donald Trump and our country’s last scandal-ridden President, Republican Richard Nixon.

Nobody knows what a failed Republican presidency looks like more than Carl Bernstein, who along with Bob Woodward followed the money and published stories in The Washington Post that ultimately forced Richard Nixon out of office over a bungled break into the Watergate Hotel.

Like the Watergate Scandal, the Donald Trump for President campaign’s alleged malicious dealings also includes an intrusion into the Democratic National Committee’s political documents.

Trump’s recent declaration of the media as public enemies finally set off the man who broke the Watergate story, and he took to Twitter to share his take on our scandal-ridden President.

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Now that the music has stopped, Donald Trump sees enemies everywhere.

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Even Fox News noticed how Trump went from loving leaks to wanting to prosecute the First Amendment within a month of taking office

Richard Nixon’s former lawyer John Dean, who was one of the first to expose Watergate’s coverup, weighed in during the last election to say that Hillary Clinton had done absolutely none of the things Republicans accused her of doing illegally.

Bernstein noticed too:

Bernstein is a CNN regular now, and in December – before Trump even took office – he had laid bare the basic reasons why Republicans made a tragic choice for our country’s highest elected official.

“Trump lives and thrives in a fact-free environment,” adding that “No president, including Richard Nixon, has been so ignorant of fact and disdains fact in the way this president-elect does.”

Senate Republicans have been talking about investigating Donald Trump since November, even the hypocritical coward they call a “leader” called for an investigation in December.

Last week, a bipartisan group of Senators met with the FBI to ensure that none of the Trump regime’s evidence from the Oval Office is hidden or destroyed.

Americans must hold both Donald Trump and the failed Republican Party that put him into office responsible for the failures we see today.

The only question remaining is: when will Trump’s terrible presidency come to a merciful end?

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