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Trump Made Up A Swedish Terror Attack. Chelsea Clinton’s Response Is Perfect

Trump Made Up A Swedish Terror Attack. Chelsea Clinton’s Response Is Perfect

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Last night, America’s new President took an unprecedented step 30 days into his first term, holding a campaign rally for the next election in 2020 in an airport hangar in the 77,000-person, majority Trump voter town of Melbourne, Florida. That’s when Donald Trump decided to build on his new regime’s penchant for creative lying and other psychopathologies.

Trump invented a fake terror attack in Sweden out of the blue that simply did not happen, and Chelsea Clinton’s response perfectly captured America’s sarcastic mood in response to the reality TV presidency already lapsing into campaign reruns of their gaslighting America reality show.

The Trump regime is serious about constantly gaslighting America, and making up fake terror attacks is part of their White Terror playbook.

We’re only thirty days into the Trump regime, and we all need a little comic relief after our country’s government went from respected to feared. Twitter’s response has been nothing short of hilarious with the #lastnightinsweden hashtag:

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Even Trump’s Russian man-crush lashed out on Twitter over the geographical error.

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Trump’s fake news set off a small stir in the country of just under 10 million progressive, educated Swedes, and we do mean small:

Real news did report a potential fashion massacre #lastnightinsweden:

Swedes continue to be concerned about mass migrations, and #lastnightinsweden is no exception:

There’s also #PrayforABBA and a few other tags.

And lastly, Keith Olbermann is up to his usual playground hijinks to combat the president’s playground mentality. Do you think his nickname for the 45th President is on the mark?

Kellyanne Conway began Trump’s wave of White Terror with the fake Bowling Green Massacre. That’s a real thing, by the way; White Terror is a term that applies to right-wing government efforts to literally strike fear or terror into the population of a country, often accommodated by ham-handed internal security forces deployment.

In the worst cases (see French Revolution), a white terror climaxes with mass violence and lawless bloodshed by the government against citizens.

Donald Trump’s regime is lying intentionally at all turns when they know the cameras will be rolling, and they’re doing it just to rile up the sad souls who cannot tell the difference between facts and what our deranged new President says.

Here’s the big lie of the day:

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