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Trump Just Revealed Where He Heard About The Imaginary Swedish Terror Attack

Trump Just Revealed Where He Heard About The Imaginary Swedish Terror Attack


At a campaign rally on Saturday night, President Donald Trump (yes, he is already holding campaign rallies for 2020 instead of running the country) ranted about terrorism in Europe, emphasizing something that happened in Sweden “last night.” Trump explained the unnamed Swedish terror attack as the result of Sweden’s decision to accept asylum seekers from the Middle East.

This would all be very interesting, if there had actually been a terror attack in Sweden. Nothing occurred on Friday in Sweden that could possibly be construed as terror-related.

After being thoroughly criticized and mocked nationally and internationally, Trump took to Twitter to tell his side of the story:

While he has the entire intelligence community at his disposal, President Trump still chooses to get his information from the ultimate source of xenophobic fake news: Fox News. Trump was watching a segment with Tucker Carlson discussing an alleged cover up in Sweden of crime caused by immigration.

The segment reeked of fear mongering, particularly in its insistence that Swedes cannot trust any official sources of statistics or information. Trump latched on to dubious TV programming and convinced himself that Sweden had suffered a terror attack.

Not only is Trump, the man with access to more information than virtually anyone else in the world, writing policy speeches by watching cable news, he doesn’t even pay close enough attention to parrot what the news says.

Every week we think we have seen the worst Trump has to offer, and every week we are proven wrong. This weekends scandal reveals the true depth of Trump’s willful ignorance and short attention span. America’s future looks more terrifying than ever before.

Watch Trump lie about Sweden here:

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