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Twitter Is Celebrating As Milo Yannopoulos Resigns From Breibart

Twitter Is Celebrating As Milo Yannopoulos Resigns From Breibart

The far-right professional hate monger Milo Yiannopoulos has quickly – and rightfully – lost everything just days after video surfaced showing him defending pedophilia. Yiannopoulos has built his career on writing hateful, poorly argued articles on the alt-right “news” media outlet Breitbart, a website known for its sympathetic stance towards white nationalism and for promoting right-wing extremist conspiracy theories.

After attracting young internet trolls who liked his nonsensical rants on Breitbart that were carefully designed to be as offensive as possible, Yiannopoulos branded his offensiveness and toured around college campuses demeaning women and minorities. Supposedly this was in the name of free speech. What Yiannopoulos was really doing was testing how much he could say without being charged with hate speech – hardly a noble pursuit.

But everything has come crashing down. The newly recovered video shows Yiannopoulos making remarks about the acceptability of sexual relationships between adult men and boys at least as young as thirteen. He swiftly lost his platform at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) and his book deal. Now Yiannopoulos has been forced to resign from Breitbart, the vile company that created him in its image.

The only shred of his career still remaining is the possibility of continuing his campus tours, but if even Breitbart won’t touch him anymore it is unlikely that he will keep receiving invites from student groups. Finally, Yiannopoulos seems destined for complete obscurity.

Twitter is responding joyously to the fall of Yiannopoulos. He was a man who wanted nothing more than to have people look at him, and he said outlandish things like a child who swears to get adults’ attention. Now, mercifully, we never have to see Yiannopoulos again.

Here are some of the best tweets:

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