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A Trump Fan Just Harassed A Pakistani Couple On A Flight. The Passengers’ Response Is Beautiful

A Trump Fan Just Harassed A Pakistani Couple On A Flight. The Passengers’ Response Is Beautiful

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A racist Trump supporter was forced off a flight as the other passengers cheered in relief. The man, who was traveling from Chicago to Houston on United Flight 118, confronted a Pakistani couple dressed in traditional clothing, asking them repeatedly if they had bombs in their suitcases.

Passengers were outraged at the sight of two innocent people just trying to take a flight being harassed and accused of terrorism just for the clothes they were wearing.

The passenger sitting behind the aggressor questioned his xenophobic ranting in disgust, asking him “Who needs to get out?”

The man retorted, “All the illegals and sh*t.”

A flight attendant was promptly summoned to deal with the racist aggressor who was horrifying the entire flight with nonsensical hatred. The attendant swiftly told the man, “You’re going to need to get off the plane and come with me.”

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The passenger then cried out, “White supremacist getting kicked off the plane!” as other passengers cheered him on.

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His anger—and apparent drunkenness—increased with this, as he asked, “Where am I gonna get my next flight?” in a bewildered state.

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As he was escorted off of the flight, the man yelled at the Pakistani couple, “Happy flight home, hope you stay there! Hey, I’ll come back you’ll be gone!”

The entire plane erupted in cheers as passenger shouted out, “This is NOT Trump’s America” and  “Goodbye racist!”

Trump has created a climate in America that emboldens bigots to speak their hateful, unfounded opinions about vast swathes of America and the world. The administration has further polarized an already deeply divided America and brought normalized racism into the mainstream by lending it legitimacy. Trump spews lies that racists use to justify their views, like falsely claiming that illegal immigrants commit more crime than legal Americans.

These false statements seem to prove the racists right and give them security to speak out in public, spreading hate across the country. Fortunately in this case there were enough decent people around who were willing to stand up for the human dignity of all people, even if they wear different clothes. In the current political climate in which racists feel entitled to speak out, we must not be afraid or unwilling to confront them and protect the people who are at the greatest risk of suffering.

Watch this racist get exactly what he deserves:

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