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The FBI Just Revealed Trump Is Panicking, Begging Them To Hide His Russian Scandal

The FBI Just Revealed Trump Is Panicking, Begging Them To Hide His Russian Scandal

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CNN has released a groundbreaking report detailing unprecedented attempts by the Trump White House to undermine law and order. CNN reports that they contacted multiple officials briefed on the matter who told them, “The FBI rejected a recent White House request to publicly knock down media reports about communications between Donald Trump’s associates and Russians known to US intelligence during the 2016 presidential campaign.”

This attempt by President Donald Trump to silence a federal agency from revealing unflattering investigative findings is a huge breach of rules that have been in place for decades. For obvious reasons, the White House and the FBI are not supposed to have contact regarding ongoing FBI investigations; the preserves the integrity of federal law enforcement investigations and protects them from political influence.

Initial reports of contact between the White House and FBI are a over a week old, but the real story here is the substance of the contact. It is even more suspicious that the White House initially tried to deny the circumstances of the contacts, but then revised their statement to reflect what the press was hearing from law enforcement officers.

There are multiple current investigations in the FBI regarding the influence of the Russian state in Trump’s electoral win, and there is a consensus that Russia did commit cyber attacks with the intent of putting Trump in power.

The pressure mounted on the White House when the New York Times released a story this month alleging ongoing contact between Trump campaign staffers and Russian operatives throughout 2016.

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The White House desperately tried to maintain the last threads of Trump’s public image by attempting to undermine the FBI, an independent agency.

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Dan Rather remarked in an ominous tone:

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“This is a headline that should alarm all Americans who believe in the independence of our law enforcement. The contacts between the White House and the FBI outlined in this article are a breach of long standing protocols, protocols that are in place for good reason.”

The Russia scandal continues to grow as Trump and his White House staff try to pretend it doesn’t exist, and try to convince the American public that the Administration has not been infiltrated by foreign influence. Now we know that they will even go so far as to compromise entire federal agencies to try to stop the rumors.

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