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This U.S. City Just Voted Unanimously To Impeach Trump

This U.S. City Just Voted Unanimously To Impeach Trump

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President Donald Trump’s first one hundred days have so far been chaotic, confusing and embarrassing. We have seen Islamophobic and transphobic policies, hints of anti-Semitism, presidential meltdowns on Twitter and in phone calls to world leaders, all the while Trump hasn’t even formed his entire administration yet! The president has also been playing golf more than he has done any actual work and given access to White House security briefs to members of his club in Mar-A-Lago. Suffice to say he is probably the worst president we have ever had.

For one city in California enough is enough.

Richmond is officially the first city in the United States to support impeachment hearings for Trump. The City Council acknowledged in its minutes how unusual it was for a city to support a president’s impeachment after less than 100 days in office, but despite this, the vote was unanimously in favor of impeachment. City Councilmember Jael Myrick said:

Unfortunately with this president it’s oddly appropriate.

The justification the council used to call for impeachment was Trump’s business holdings. Many believe that Trump’s continued business interests put him in violation of the Constitution because he has allegedly been receiving payments from foreign governments who use his properties.

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Richmond City Council is hoping that this move will inspire other towns and cities to do the same. They have effectively begun the grassroots movement against Trump, as Richmond resident Ellen Faden commented:

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A lot of politicians aren’t willing to go on record to do this because it can go against them, but as grass roots, as Bernie said, we have to start from the grass roots.

Trump has, naturally, dismissed these claims of potential conflict, saying he has separated himself from the day-to-day running of his businesses. According to Trump two of his sons and a Trump organization executive will run his businesses, although that doesn’t really seem to be the case considering the president’s twitter outburst when online retailer Nordstrom pulled his daughter Ivanka’s failing clothing line. Clearly, he still has a vested interest in making sure his portfolio turns a profit.

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This support for impeachment is a step in the right direction. If smaller cities and towns across America begin resisting Trump bureaucratically, others will follow suit. Political opposition to Trump in Washington D.C. can only go so far. With visible popular support from the people, Democrats and Republicans who are just as disgusted with Trump as we are will have far more sway when it comes to finally impeaching him. Way to go, Richmond!


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