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CPAC Attendees Just Waved Russian ‘TRUMP’ Flags During Trump’s Speech

CPAC Attendees Just Waved Russian ‘TRUMP’ Flags During Trump’s Speech

President Donald Trump arrived today to speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference, where he was replacing hate speaker Milo Yiannopolis as keynote speaker.

But his fans in the crowd had an unpleasant surprise for Trump and his team. White-blue-red flags with “TRUMP” written on them began fluttering throughout¬†the throng of conservatives – but it quickly became obvious that these weren’t American flags:

Trump’s team and CPAC staffers quickly moved to confiscate them from the crowd.

Given that the popularity of Russian Dictator Vladimir Putin is skyrocketing among Republicans, it’s unclear whether or not the flags were mocking Trump for being blackmailed by the Kremlin or praising him for it.

Either way, it’solid proof that Trump is inextricably linked to Moscow, even in the minds of his supporters. The taint of the Russian blackmail scandal and the shame of the potentially treasonous communications between Trump’s camp and Russian agents will stain Donald Trump’s presidency for decades to come.

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