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Intel Officials Just Revealed Trump Begged Them To Bury Russian Scandal After FBI Denied Him

Intel Officials Just Revealed Trump Begged Them To Bury Russian Scandal After FBI Denied Him

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President Donald Trump and his lackeys are desperately working overtime to conceal their connections to agents of the Russian Federation. In their clumsy attempts to evade justice, all they have succeeded in doing is shining the spotlight upon themselves even brighter.

It has been revealed that the latest revelation into the administration’s potentially treasonous activities is they actively lobbied for members of the intelligence community to refute media reports of Trump’s Russian connections. After the FBI refused to play patsy, the Trump camp began begging anyone in the intelligence community who would listen to downplay the validity of the damning leaks and discredit the media reports.

The administration lined up intelligence community members and orchestrated telephone calls between them and major media outlets. The content of the conversations have not been disclosed, and apparently were of little consequence or sway as the conversations have not been printed anywhere.

Surprisingly, Trump’s administration has not denied they asked the FBI for help performing damage control. The White House did not, however, admit that they had enlisted the help of other members of the intelligence community once the FBI refused.

The names and the agencies who employed the intelligence officials are not known at this time, but given the ferocious appetite of the investigation into Trump’s Russian ties – and the frequency of leaks emanating from a surly intelligence community it is a matter of when, and not if, before that information is eventually revealed.

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Trump’s team also asked Republican lawmakers for help. In particular, the chairman of both the Senate and House intelligence committees, Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) and Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), were drafted and did indeed make telephone calls to media outlets on Trump’s behalf. A spokesman for Congressman Nunes (R-CA) confirmed he did this “at the request of a White House communications aide.” Sen. Burr also confirmed the conversations during an interview and said:

I’ve had those conversations. I felt I had something to share that didn’t breach my responsibilities to the committee in an ongoing investigation.

That Burr would comment on an ongoing investigation into the leader of his own party, at the behest of said leader, implies he himself should be investigated as to what he said since the conversations themselves have not yet been released.

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Trump took to Twitter to criticize the FBI after they refused to do his dirty work. Trump tweeted:

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Trump’s tweets are meant to be a warning to the FBI that they will do as they are told, or they will suffer the consequences. Apparently, FBI Director James Comey’s interference into the 2016 election on behalf of Trump are no longer buying his agency any favor with Trump.The only loyalty Trump knows is “what have you done for me lately?” He has shown himself to be a fickle individual who quickly forgets who his friends are when he does not receive what he demands.

All of these embarrassing revelations into Trump’s attempts to brush his backroom communications with a hostile foreign power under the rug is surely just the tip of the iceberg, and one should expect more damning revelations to come forth in the future.

Now that it is known that intelligence officials and members of Congress who are ostensibly supposed to be leading investigations into Trump have been actively performing disinformation feats to gain Trump’s favor, the integrity of those investigations must — and will be — called into question. An investigation into those investigating Trump is surely now on the horizon. Trump finds himself in a position where he cannot buy his way, nor twist arms, out of trouble and he has only himself to blame.

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