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Trump Just Taunted Tom Perez For Winning DNC. Perez’s Response Is EPIC

Trump Just Taunted Tom Perez For Winning DNC. Perez’s Response Is EPIC

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President Trump took to Twitter tonight to taunt the newly elected chair of the Democratic National Committee, President Obama’s former Labor Secretary Tom Perez.

Our President’s first reaction to the news was to send out a schoolyard-level jab at the election victory of the former Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights as Democratic Party’s first Latino chairman.

It’s unclear how this is a benefit for Trump or the Republican Party; it really just speaks to Trump’s inability to resist the urge to take a grandstanding potshot at the opposition party.

Tom Perez, for his part, threw down the gauntlet and blasted back this biting response:

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In one tweet, Perez signaled that he’s more than ready to lead the resistance against Trump and his agenda of white supremacy. He also demonstrated that he has the proper chops to go blow-for-blow with our feud-happy Commander-in-Chief.

We wish Perez, Ellison, and the rest of the Democratic Party good luck. The battle to preserve the American Republic as we know it will be long and arduous, and we are lucky to have leaders like Perez and Ellison to guide us through.


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