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House Republicans Will Commit Treason Against The American People On Tuesday

House Republicans Will Commit Treason Against The American People On Tuesday

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Despite the overwhelming mountain of evidence which shows President Donald Trump has been participating in potentially treasonous collusion with the Russian government, the Republican leadership is moving to kill any investigations into him.

The worst part is it will likely go unnoticed by the public due to the Republican’s smooth plan to obfuscate the story.

Previously, Democrats in the House of Representatives presented a resolution to begin a formal congressional inquiry into Trump’s various connections with the Russians during both the election and while sitting in the Oval Office.

Republicans are slated to reject this resolution and they are going to do so with nearly zero worry of political blowback from their constituents.

The resolution was originally presented by Congressman Jerry Nadler (D-NY), who has been seeking to force a vote by every member of the House of Representatives. To avoid this disaster, which would place every Republican on record as either voting to investigate the leader of their own party or voting to turn a blind eye to his obvious villainy, Republicans are shipping the proposal to the House Judiciary Committee on Feb 28.

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This gives Republicans political cover as the House Judiciary Committee is controlled by the Republicans, and those Republicans who sit on the committee are from districts which always vote Republican.

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Therefore no matter how despicable their votes are, it won’t matter come election day. This is the ultimate design of Republicans to protect all of their members while simultaneously shielding Trump from eventual prosecution.

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The timing of the vote is also important. On Feb. 28, Trump is going to give his first speech to Congress in the afternoon, likely before the measure is killed by the Judiciary Committee.

Undoubtedly Trump will say something to draw the ire of the media, and those words will be the day’s top story. The singular vote by an obscure House committee is not going to be major news despite it being the lynchpin which could have broken Trump’s death grip on the government.

The worst part is their actions will be entirely legal. Nadler’s resolution is going to die in the committee and due to the rules which govern the procedures of the House of Representatives, there is nothing immediate which can be done in response.

The only course to take is to hound the individuals involved, and to not let their despicable actions go unnoticed or unspoken for. These swine must be treated with the scorn and contempt which they so richly deserve, and not for partisan reasons. This is a matter of patriotism and protecting our nation from criminals and their conspirators who have infiltrated the republic.

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