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Jimmy Kimmel Just Hilariously Twitter-Trolled Trump At The Oscars

Jimmy Kimmel Just Hilariously Twitter-Trolled Trump At The Oscars

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President Donald Trump has poor track record for making informed policy decisions or understanding how American government functions, but he does have an excellent track record of insulting celebrities who win awards. However, despite several jabs speakers at the Oscars have taken at him tonight Trump has remained on radio silence. This leads to a big question: is he okay?

Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel decided to tweet at Trump to make sure that our president is feeling like himself. He duplicated his phone on the big screen over the stage and (painfully slowly) typed,

Hey @realDonaldTrump u up?

@realDonald Trump #merylsayshi

The second tweet refers to Trump’s feud with iconic actress Meryl Streep after she criticized him for mocking a disabled reporter.

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The tweets are obviously a stunt designed to provoke Trump, so he will probably not respond in kind. As the supposed leader of the free world he should have more important things to care about, and he should have aids that are paid to care about his image and will take the phone away when he starts going off the rails.

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But, that being said, we will not be entirely surprised if Trump throws another Twitter tantrum insulting Kimmel, Streep, the Academy, and maybe even Sunny Pawar, the 8 year old actor that Kimmel held up like Simba.

Watch Kimmel tweet at Trump from the Oscars stage:

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