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The Pentagon Just Admitted Trump’s Plan To “Defeat” ISIS Is A Huge Joke

The Pentagon Just Admitted Trump’s Plan To “Defeat” ISIS Is A Huge Joke

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President Donald Trump beat a sinister drum to begin the death march of war during today’s announcement about increasing military spending by another $54 billion. There was a worry amongst Trump’s millions of detractors that he would engage in military conflicts impulsively, and it appears those individuals were, unfortunately, correct. However, even with Trump’s burning desire to make war, no United States military leaders have confidence in his ability to win those wars according to a storied pentagon reporter.

The initial comments from Trump came while he was giving a speech to governors of the United States. He, in typical fashion, went completely off message and derided the military by saying, “We never win wars anymore. We never fight to win. We have to start winning wars again.”

Watch Trump’s comments below:

While a guest on CNN’s “The Situation Room,” Pentagon reporter Barbara Starr offered her analysis of Trump’s comments:

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The fight against ISIS, the fight against al-Qaeda is a fight against a spreading ideology that, indeed, has spread across many countries. The president has this new plan sitting on his desk today about options for defeating ISIS, and it includes diplomacy at the very time he is cutting the State Department.

During the presidential campaign, Trump claimed to have a secret plan to “defeat ISIS in 30 days” and that it would involve “bombing the sh*t out of them.” Starr acknowledges this is obviously nonsense and that in her experience in dealing with military leaders none of them have confidence in Trump’s plan:

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You’re not going to bomb ISIS out of existence. I don’t know a single U.S. military commander that thinks that’s feasible.

Trump has proved himself to be incapable of accepting criticism, and he is going to likely find himself at odds with the top military brass.

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This isn’t to say Trump knows anything about participating in armed conflicts as he cowardly ducked out of military service on four different occasions using deferments. While being gung-ho about starting a war just so he can put a check mark in the victory column, Trump has no qualms about placing the armed service members of the United States in harm’s way to satisfy his petty ego.

Trump’s comments do not bode well for any of those involved, as Trump’s first foray into an armed conflict led to the death of Navy SEAL William Owens along with over 25 civilian casualties including at least 10 women and children. Trump’s administration proudly announced they considered the mission a success, when it was a failure by pretty much any qualifier.

Now we can only hope that General Mattis will be able to talk some sense into the unhinged old man.


Watch the full “Situation Room” segment with Starr below:


The war against Daesh (ISIS/ISIL) cannot be won through violence, just as the war against al-Qaeda in Iraq was not “won” through violence, just as the war before that against the Sunni militias that fought the US occupation during the Iraq War was not “won” by violence. Each time, they melted away and reformed under a new banner.

Already Daesh militants are beginning to reappear in newly “liberated” territories.

“Bombing the sh*t” out of Daesh might defeat them temporarily, but unless the chronic instability is solved, as long as the populations of Anbar and Nineveh provinces are still ignored by the government in Baghdad, as long as people cannot find jobs or provide for the families, there will be a home for extremism to flourish.

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