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Trump Just Slandered American Troops, Proved He’s Unfit To Be Commander-In-Chief

Trump Just Slandered American Troops, Proved He’s Unfit To Be Commander-In-Chief

Donald Trump, the man who is supposed to be carrying out the duties of Commander-in-chief, took the opportunity today to attack American officers and troops for not “fighting to win.”

Journalist Anand Gifiharadas immediately took to Twitter to call out Trump for his appalling disrespect for the troops that he himself now leads.

Trump has mixed record when it comes to giving servicemen and women the respect they deserve. He pays lip service to veterans’ issues but does little to actually help our vets.

He criticized Senator John McCain for being captured as a prisoner of war in Vietnam where he endured prolonged torture to buy the freedom of fellow American captives. Trump plans to build up our military and equip the troops the latest technological advancements, but he also cut childcare for military families.

Now, Trump is arguing that the disastrous wars in the Middle East begun under George W. Bush have been largely unsuccessful because our troops “don’t fight to win.”

To be clear, the American military is a powerful operation that trains every member to fight bravely and efficiently in accordance with international rules of engagement. The problem with the wars in the Middle East is the wars themselves – the geopolitics, foreign policy, and sectarian clashes that fuel them and prevent clear, stable resolutions.

Our troops follow orders to the utmost of their abilities. They do not deserve to be scapegoated by the man who is supposed to lead them with dignity and respect.

Watch the video of Trump insulting our troops here:


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