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Alec Baldwin Just Made An Announcement That’s Going To INFURIATE Trump

Alec Baldwin Just Made An Announcement That’s Going To INFURIATE Trump

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Actor, comedian, and SNL star Alec Baldwin and novelist Kurt Andersen have announced that they are teaming up to write a satirical book about President Donald Trump. Baldwin has been impersonating Trump on Saturday Night Live since summer 2016.

After devoting months to meticulously studying and embodying Trump, Baldwin is ready to put his knowledge to work.

Baldwin and Andersen’s project will, in true Trump fashion, be titled “You Can’t Spell America Without Me: The Really Tremendous Inside Story of My Fantastic First Year as President Donald J. Trump.”

Baldwin told the press, “I think we’ll be channeling and amplifying the real Trump … Writing for a five- or 10-minute sketch is different than writing a book, which has to be a narrative.”

Baldwin admitted that Andersen would do nearly all of the writing, explaining that they, “have that arrangement whereby he doesn’t put on the wig, I don’t open up a Word document.” Andersen was a founding editor of Spy magazine in the 1980s, a publication which famously referred to Trump as a “short-fingered vulgarian” decades before his presidential run.

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Baldwin, thankfully, plans on narrating the audiobook. It just wouldn’t be the same if we had to hear Trump-esque sentences spoken without an absurdly inflected New York City accent.

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With Andersen’s writing prowess and Baldwin’s honed ability to caricature Trump, the project will undoubtedly be a success. The book is due to be published by Penguin Press in November 2017.

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