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George Takei Just Roasted Trump’s Speech In Twitter Rant

George Takei Just Roasted Trump’s Speech In Twitter Rant

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George Takei is a well known and outspoken opponent of President Donald Trump. As Trump gave his shameful speech last night Takei was holding the deceitful president to account on Twitter.

The former Star Trek actor took particular exception to Trump’s statement that America “stands united in condemning hate”, saying that wasn’t possible “when you AG is racist, your VP attacks LGBTs, and your top advisor is a White Nationalist.”

Likewise, when Trump tried to convince everyone he was going to make “communities safer for everyone” Takei condemned him for “doing the NRA’s bidding and making it easier for mentally ill folks to buy guns.”

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Takei was saying what any sane person was thinking during Trump’s speech. We need individuals with powerful platforms like Takei to constantly call out Trump, especially when he babbles such utter garbage like he did last night. The speech was full of lies, half-truths and disgusting attempts to use the death of a serviceman as a cause for applause. Trump didn’t even mention income inequality, voter suppression, climate change or many other pressing matters. The president should be ashamed of himself.

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Check out the rest of Takei’s tweets below:




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