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Michael Moore Just Destroyed Trump For Exploiting Widow Of Fallen SEAL

Michael Moore Just Destroyed Trump For Exploiting Widow Of Fallen SEAL

Popular Democratic filmmaker and liberal activist Michael Moore ripped into Trump today for his callous exploitation of the grieving widow of Chief Petty Officer Owens at the Joint Address to Congress last night.

Trump invited her to the address and then used her to make himself look like a decent human being in front of the cameras, even making a quip about how her dead husband must be happy because “he broke an applause record.”

Moore joined MSNBC’s Chris Matthews to discuss the speech and absolutely wrecked Trump for being so shameless as to make it about himself with his “ratings” quip.

“That’s why she’s there, as sort of an ‘f-you’ to the people who are criticizing him for this,” And this poor woman, this widow who has lost her husband, she is in desperate grief right now. To use that to put another notch on his belt. What’s he thinking about? My ratings! I’m gonna get an Emmy for this! Most applause for a dead soldier on my watch!

Trump’s impulsive decision to launch the raid “without sufficient intelligence, ground support or adequate backup preparations” led to the deaths of thirty civilians and Chief Owens.

He’s refused to take responsibility for his decision, blaming first President Obama and then his generals for the disaster. He’s also used the death of Owens as a political shield to stave off criticism from Congress and to publicly smear a reporter with a fake story about how he disrespected the dead soldier.

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Now he’s exploiting the grief of a widow for a cheap publicity stunt and to buy some false goodwill among voters who don’t know the whole story. It’s absolutely despicable – and just the sort of thing Trump loves to do.

Watch Moore’s remarks here:


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