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Vets Just Responded To Trump’s Exploitation Of Fallen SEAL’s Widow, And They’re NOT Happy

Vets Just Responded To Trump’s Exploitation Of Fallen SEAL’s Widow, And They’re NOT Happy

The responses to President Trump’s speech to Congress – and the stunt he pulled with the widow of Chief Petty Officer Ryan Owens – were mixed, to say the least.

The Former Dep. Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs Brandon Friedman noticed a strange dichotomy in the responses to Trump’s speech, and the results speak for themselves:

Veterans from around the country were horrified by his exploitation of a grieving woman who lost her husband in a raid that Trump ordered but would not take responsibility for.

Other vets on Twitter echoed those angry sentiments.

On the other hand, the media positively fawned over him, all ready to declare him presidential and falling over themselves to normalize Trump’s behavior even though he spent all of last week slandering them as “fake news” and refusing to give them access to the White House press gaggle.

Just take a look:

It seems like the enabling media, which gave $3 billion in free coverage to Trump during the election campaign since he was such an easy source of content and ratings, hasn’t learned a damn thing yet.

Just because Donald Trump did the bare minimum by behaving himself for one whole evening doesn’t mean he’s suddenly our president. The media seems to have forgotten that he tried to blame Jewish community centers for their own bomb threats just a few hours before his speech. 

The exploitation of Carryn Owens is one of the more despicable publicity stunts Trump has ever pulled. Our veterans and their families have been used as a cheap political prop by insincere Republicans for far too long.

h/t to Brandon Friedman

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