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Elizabeth Warren Just Savaged Corrupt Jeff Sessions On Twitter

Elizabeth Warren Just Savaged Corrupt Jeff Sessions On Twitter

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Last night, allegations emerged that Attorney General Jeff Sessions lied to the Senate while under oath at his confirmation hearing. When asked whether he had been in contact with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak during the 2016 presidential campaign Sessions denied the allegations. However, as revealed by a Washington Post report sessions did, in fact, meet with the ambassador. Twice.

After the story broke Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) took to Twitter to demand that Sessions resign from his post as Attorney General.

Warren labeled the fact that Sessions will now have ultimate say on the investigation between Trump and Russia a “farce” and “a very real threat to the United States.” She then called for a special prosecutor independent of the corrupt Attorney General in order to achieve a “bipartisan, transparent Congressional investigation into Russia.” She then finally demanded that Sessions resign.

Warren is not alone, other top Democrats have called for Sessions’ resignation for as early as Thursday.

Sessions has released a statement addressing the allegations. It seems he and his team have decided to use the Trump method to get away with it: deny and claim it’s all fake news. This excuse is starting to get really lame, especially when it turns out that all this fake news is actually true. Trump’s administration should grow a backbone and own up to their transgressions for the sake of American democracy. But they probably don’t give a damn about that.

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Sessions is now on thin ice. If it can be officially proven that he did meet with Kislyak, and did lie to the Senate, then Sessions will be forced to resign. It’s never a good thing when an appointed official lied at their confirmation hearing but hopefully this episode will spell the end to Sessions as Attorney General and might even put the racist disgrace of a public official in jail where he belongs. Keep your fingers crossed!

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