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POLITICO Just Unearthed A Fresh Trump Team Ethics Scandal

POLITICO Just Unearthed A Fresh Trump Team Ethics Scandal

It’s becoming stunningly obvious that the Trump administration is arrogantly refusing to demonstrate even the slightest concern for ethical behavior. As the taint of Trump’s Russia scandal spreads throughout his cabinet, it should come as no surprise that Trump’s transition team decided not to hold an ethics training course for White House staff.

POLITICO reports that the Trump team rejected the ethics training program that both the Bush and Obama White Houses took because their requirements “do not accurately reflect the current needs of the Presidential Transition Team” – which is almost an admission of guilt in itself.

The program “could have better-prepared officials for working within existing laws and executive orders, and provided guidance on how to navigate Senate confirmation for nominees and political appointees, how to deal with congressional and media scrutiny, and how to work with Congress and collaborate with agencies.”

All of those issues that the program would have addressed have come back to haunt the Trump administration, seeing as six of Trump’s cabinet appointees have lied under oath and the White House’s response to media scrutiny has been about as bad as it could possibly be.

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While the lack of ethics training – and perhaps a better understanding of how to hide the evidence of the Trump administration’s corruption – may be a benefit to us all, in the long run, it speaks to the sheer arrogance with which Trump and his team approach the task of governing.

They consider themselves above the law, confident that their lackeys in Congress will protect them from the repercussions of their actions as they openly flout the law and lie with astonishing ease. But as Jeff Sessions and the rest of the Trump team is about to find out, that hubris will ultimately be their downfall.

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