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Two More Trump Staffers Were Just Busted For Secret Russian Ambassador Meetings

Two More Trump Staffers Were Just Busted For Secret Russian Ambassador Meetings

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One day after Attorney General Jeff Sessions was confirmed to have spoken to Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak after claiming, under oath, that no meeting took place, USA Today is reporting that at least two more Trump campaign staff members spoke to the ambassador at a diplomacy conference connected to the Republican National Convention.

What J.D. Gordon and Carter Page spoke to the ambassador about is unknown. While it is not unusual for staff members to talk to world diplomats at such events, the news contradicts repeated multiple claims – twenty, in fact – from President Trump himself that his staff had no contact with officials representing the Russian government.

Gordon, who managed the advisory committee as the Trump campaign’s director of national security, said the meeting was “informal” just like his other “interactions with dozens of other ambassadors and senior diplomats in Cleveland.”

Page, a member of the same national security team, refused to say what they discussed citing “confidentiality rules” but would only say that, “I had no substantive discussions with him.”

Page’s statement confirms the two talked, making the Trump administration’s claim about the events an outright lie.

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Page left the Trump campaign during the summer after it was discovered he gave a speech in Moscow in early July criticizing American foreign policy and the sanctions against Russia.

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While officials continue to deny that anything illegal took place, the fact they have continue to deny any such meeting is alarming and potentially treasonous.

It does not help their case that no one involved is willing to discuss just what the conversations involved, or come down with a sudden case of amnesia, which is only fueling speculation about the legality of the conversations.

The White House is refusing to answer direct questions about the meetings or why they have denied such meetings took place in the face of mounting evidence showing otherwise.

“This was a widely attended 4-day event with dozens of ambassadors and hundreds of attendees,” the White House said in a written statement from its communications office. “No interaction was substantive, and to insinuate otherwise is deeply dishonest.”

Nearly half a dozen members of Trump’s campaign or administration staff have now been linked directly to Russian officials, all of which refuse to further discuss their interactions. Michael Flynn, Trump’s former National Security Adviser resigned amid allegations that he offered to lift Obama-era sanctions against Russia. Now, many in Congress, including Senator Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), have called for Sessions’ immediate resignation.

Both Flynn and Sessions told Congress, under oath, these meetings didn’t take place. President Trump has continued to deny the meetings happened, lying directly the the American people and Congress.

With the evidence for treason continuing to pile up, it is anyone’s guess just how much longer President Trump can hold back the tides of impeachment.

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