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Trump’s Own Homeland Security Dept. Just Mortally Debunked His Muslim Ban

Trump’s Own Homeland Security Dept. Just Mortally Debunked His Muslim Ban

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The Rachel Maddow Show just released a bombshell intelligence report from the Department of Homeland Security that will put a spike into President Donald Trump’s plan to install a Muslim ban.

The DHS’ internal intelligence agency coordinated this unclassified report with ICE, Customs and Border Patrol, the State Department, and USCIS. Its conclusions will rob the Trump regime of any legal justification to implement a new Muslim ban.

One key revelation in the new DHS report – which you can see below – is that no amount of vetting can prevent someone from becoming radicalized many years later.

So much for Trump’s promise of “extreme vetting,” which has just died the death of a thousand paper cuts only 40 days into the Trump administration:

The new assessment, obtained by the Rachel Maddow Show and dated March 1, tracks 88 violent, foreign-born extremists in the United States. More than half of them had been in the U.S. more than 10 years before they were indicted or killed.

The document follows another piece of research (pdf) from Homeland Security that undercut President Trump’s rationale for a travel ban as a means of keeping violent extremists out.

On Friday, the Associated Press published an analysis from Homeland Security that said citizenship in any given country – including the seven countries listed in the executive order – is likely an unreliable indicator of whether someone poses a terrorist threat.

This highlights the fundamental problem with Trump’s “ban” – there’s nothing that actually supports the justifications Trump is giving. Unlike on the campaign trail, where he is free to spout empty promises and outrageous lies, when you’re making legislation there actually has to be a reason for it.

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The Trump Muslim ban was struck down by Washington federal judge James Robart a month ago, and upheld by the 9th Circuit federal appeals court because the Administration didn’t cite a single shred of evidence as to why it was necessary aside from their desire to discriminate against people entering America based on race and religion.

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The new DHS report would give any federal judge ample reason to quickly and permanently block Trump’s next attempt at a Muslim ban.

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The Trump regime’s only silver lining is that its own extreme incompetence is rapidly short circuiting President Bannon’s most horrendous ideas. It’s obvious that since there no actual facts justifying the ban on Muslims entering the United States, it’s clearly just another hood covering up Bannon’s white supremacist agenda.

Watch Maddow explain the latest leak from DHS:

Here’s the part of the DHS report that kills “extreme vetting”:

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