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Robert Reich Just Broke Facebook Dissecting Trump’s Obama Wiretap Tweets

Robert Reich Just Broke Facebook Dissecting Trump’s Obama Wiretap Tweets

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Former Labor Secretary, Professor Robert Reich just explained the only three reasonable conclusions Americans can draw from Donald Trump’s early morning tweetstorm of lies about President Obama. President Trump revealed that he’s upset a FISA warrant has been used by the FBI to surveil his campaign and transition team for suspected agents of foreign powers.

The Berkeley professor laid out the three potential theories why Trump sent a horde of accusatory tweets, and none of them are good news for America:

1. Trump is more nuts than we suspected – a true paranoid.

2. Or he’s correct, in which case there’s probable cause that he committed treason. No president can order a wiretap. For federal agents to obtain a wiretap on Trump’s phone conversations, the Justice Department would first have had to convince a federal judge that it had gathered sufficient evidence that there was probable cause to believe that Trump had committed a serious crime or was an agent of a foreign power, depending on whether it was a criminal or foreign intelligence wiretap.

3. Or Trump’s outburst was triggered by a commentary on Breitbart News reporting an assertion Thursday night by rightwing talk-radio host Mark Levin suggesting Obama and his administration used “police state” tactics last fall to monitor the Trump team’s dealings with Russian operatives. If this was the source of Trump’s ravings this morning, we’ve got a president willing to put the prestige and power of his office behind a baseless claim emanating from rightwing purveyors of lies.

Democrats in Congress are already pushing for legislation to require a psychiatrist in the White House to settle Reich’s first theory. It’s never going to pass, but in the wake of this year’s debacle might be a good idea for the future.

Think Progress did write a report which proves Donald Trump is crazy at least in the reckless sense of the word; he didn’t get any of today’s baseless allegations against President Obama from the government, or even from his team of White House advisors/family, who are the people who really running our country right today.

Theory two is very likely correct, based reports in The GuardianBBC and The New York Times which all indicate the presence of wiretaps to listen to the Trump transition team. The Professor notes that the very presence of such surveillance means that the FBI has already convinced a judge of the presence of foreign agents to investigate.

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Theory three is also sadly correct because Donald Trump is enraptured by the alternate media universe of Breitbart The American Pravda, Info Wars, and Faux News who recently featured a fake Swedish national security expert on the Bill O’Reilly Show, which America’s worst President is known to frequently watch, but never question.

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The Republican Party has elected a person behaving at best like a fool, or at worst, and terrifyingly, like a Russian agent  (or puppet) to occupy America’s highest office.

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Will Congressional Republicans finally own up to their party’s colossal mistake and convene a vote on impeachment – which Trump’s emoluments clause violations already amply justify – and rid America of our incompetent con-man President?

One can only hope.

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