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Trump Just Implicated Himself In Russia Collusion Investigation With His Own Tweets

Trump Just Implicated Himself In Russia Collusion Investigation With His Own Tweets

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President Donald Trump definitely woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. The president unleashed a barrage of tweets early Saturday morning that are going to come back to haunt him in a big way.

In a petulant tantrum, President Trump openly accused President Obama of “wiretapping” Trump Tower before his election victory, calling it “McCarthyism.”

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Equating this to “Nixon/Watergate” is especially ironic given that many media outlets have been comparing Trump’s disaster of a tenure with that of Richard Nixon’s at the height of the Watergate scandal.

What the petty and impulsive Trump doesn’t realize is these tweets amount to a tantamount admission of guilt.

Trump has cited absolutely no evidence to back up his claims that President Obama ordered the surveillance of Trump Tower, but it’s well known that US intelligence services have been monitoring Trump campaign staff for a while now – that’s how the secret calls between former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and the Russian ambassador were discovered.

Trump’s tweets confirms the existence of a FISA warrant to monitor Trump Tower, which is his own fault, since he was so greedy he based his campaign headquarters there so he could pay himself from his campaign war chest – as remarked Louise Mensch, the former British member of Parliment who broke the rumors of a FISA warrant as far back as October:

Those rumors were again addressed by the Guardian a few weeks later when the infamous “Golden Showers” dossier was released.

However, if it turns out a wiretap was granted through a FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) warrant, then that means a U.S. judge found there was enough evidence to tap him in the first place.

Trump literally just implicated himself in an intelligence agency investigation into the relationship between his campaign and a foreign government by confirming the existence of the long-suspected FISA warrant.

In another ironic twist, now that Trump has publicly confirmed the warrant’s existence, he’s guaranteed that no one can be charged for leaking the existence of a FISA warrant:

It just goes to show how outrageous Trump thinks his powers are, as Presidents cannot “order” wiretaps – but intelligence agencies can, but only for very good reasons- like suspicion of collusion with a hostile foreign power.

Former senior intelligence officials commented that it was very unlikely that Trump was monitored simply to undermine his election campaign.

It seems unthinkable. If that were the case by some chance, that means that a federal judge would have found that there was either probable cause that he had committed a crime or was an agent of a foreign power. You can’t just go around and tap buildings.

When Trump’s anti-Obama tantrum was finished, the president got back to Tweeting about the more important things in life, like his ratings, clearly unaware of what he had just done:

It is pure poetry to see the would-be tyrant toppling himself, falling victim to his worst impulses – the desire for petty revenge self-sabotaged by his own ignorance. Trump was absolutely correct about one thing – this is Nixon and Watergate on a scale that none of us could have imagined.

Now all that remains to be seen is what the treacherous gallery of frauds that call themselves the Republican Party will do with this information. Either they will do their duty and demand to see the evidence that granted the FISA warrant, or they will turn their backs on treason to protect their grip on power.

Includes writing contributions from Colin Taylor

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