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An Ex-NSA Director Just Revealed They Have The Proof To Sink Trump For Treason

An Ex-NSA Director Just Revealed They Have The Proof To Sink Trump For Treason

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Former National Security Agency technical division Director and Navy War College Professor John Schindler, Ph.D. just dropped a bombshell on his widely followed Twitter account as part of a major tweetstorm detailing his unique, insider’s opinion of the Trump-Russia affair.

Schindler publishes a regular column at the New York Observer when he’s not debunking Trump’s myths about a “deep state” or selectively leaking what the secretive spy agency’s operatives really believe about our wayward new President.

While most of the media speculates about Trump’s Russian ties, John Schindler has inside access to the NSA and believes that they’ve already got enough evidence to prove that Putin’s election meddling was a cooperative affair.

In this tweet, “IC” refers to “intelligence community” and SIGINT refers to “signal intelligence” – information obtained from intercepted signals from either person-to-person communications (COMINT) or electronic signals (ELINT).

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In this next tweet, BLUF refers to the “Bottom Line Up Front” method of delivering information, which places conclusions and recommendations before supporting facts.

Here, Schindler refers to his sources inside the NSA and both his former position. The tweet is shared with former British member of Parliament Louise Mensch, who first reported on a possible FISA warrant issued to investigate the Trump campaign last October, which both the BBC and The Guardian later confirmed.

This former high-ranking intelligence official believes that the Trump-Russia affair will not only end the current Administration, but there will be prosecutions as well:

Ideologically, John Schindler is conservative and has no reason to help Democrats, which he proved amply by doggedly pursuing stories and firing off tweets about Hillary Clinton’s emails in 2015, before the matter was later cleared, after much consternation.

Intelligence doesn’t have a partisan angle, it’s all about facts. Listening to Russian officials discuss how they slam-dunked America’s democracy with the Republican nominee’s coordination can only lead any intelligence analyst to a singular conclusion.

It’s without a doubt now that President Trump is in deep trouble, having bullied his way into the White House with the assistance of a foreign power.

The unhinged real estate developer is compounding his problems by tweeting slander at President Obama and making up stories that at worst implicate him in the crime of the century, and at best prove that he’s unfit to remain in office.

If John Schindler’s tweets are as accurate as they are authoritative, the end of the Trump regime may happen in the near future.

The alternative is grim:

This tweet refers to the President-dictator of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who responded to a failed military coup attempt last June by arresting 40,000 people, focusing on journalists, teachers, judges, and members of the military.

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