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A Former CIA Official Just Ripped Trump To Shreds For His Obama Wiretap Conspiracy

A Former CIA Official Just Ripped Trump To Shreds For His Obama Wiretap Conspiracy

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Former CIA official Phillip Mudd hammered President Donald Trump for what he called “circus clown remarks,” referring to the president’s claim that former president Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Mudd said on CNN that we are “transitioning from seeing this as the President of the United States to seeing this a circus clown.”

“Let me be clear, he’s either alleging that the FBI and the Department of Justice conspired” to tap phones at Trump Tower. “That’s crazy, Wolf,” Mudd said.

“If that’s not correct, he’s alleging that the former president conducted a felonious violation of federal law that exceeds what we saw in Watergate,” Mudd continued. “Without a single fact to support it.”

“These are circus clown remarks,” he concluded.

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It appeared to some that Trump was trying to divert attention away from the Russian story that has inundated the media as of late, however, as many pundits have pointed out, this story and the accusations being made by Trump are part of the greater Russia scandal.

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Mudd called this tactic a “smoke screen,” and a “lie.”

“The man is delusional, Wolf,” Mudd charged, adding the president “doesn’t understand the difference between protecting his brand and protecting the country.”

Mudd’s comments highlight the bigger problem for the president; trust.

Trump has refused to take ownership of any of the scandals that have rocked his two-month presidency and has now begun blaming the former president for all of his problems. The American people, by and large, are not buying it and see this as the clown show that Mudd says it is.

How are the American people going to believe this president when a real crisis strikes when he has already spent his entire presidency crying wolf?

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