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Every Single Senator Just Demanded Trump Take Action Against Anti-Semitic Attacks

Every Single Senator Just Demanded Trump Take Action Against Anti-Semitic Attacks

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Every single U.S. senator is now calling for President Donald Trump’s administration to publicly denounce and investigate a series of threats made to Jewish organizations in recent weeks, The Washington Post reports.

Threats to Jewish communities around the country have surged since the so-called president and his macabre anti-immigrant rhetoric took up residence in the White House.

“We write to underscore the need for swift action with regard to the deeply troubling series of anonymous bomb threats made against Jewish Community Centers (JCCs), Jewish day schools, synagogues and other buildings affiliated with Jewish organizations or institutions across the country,” wrote the Senate in a letter to the White House.

Jewish groups, schools and organizations have faced 121 bomb threats so far this year, according to the Anti-Defamation League, itself the victim of threats. Jewish people aren’t the only one under attack on Mr. Trump’s watch; New York City reported an increase in hate crimes spread across all protected classes after Trump was elected, Fox News reported. Last fall hate crimes against Muslims hit the highest frequency since Sept. 11, 2001.

“The threat comes at a time of increased concerns about anti-Semitism and other forms of bigotry across the country, particularly following President Trump’s election,” The Washington Post reports. “The ADL said that there has been an uptick in anti-Semitic incidents since Election Day.”

Here is a brief rundown of other widely reported terroristic threats made against minority groups in just two weeks, only one of which Trump has acknowledged publicly.

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No group has faced more hate crime than Jewish citizens, though. Jews have been victim to 22 percent of hate crimes reported nationally since Trump was elected, according to an analysis by Mic.

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Trump appears to be fomenting a growing anti-Semitic, white nationalist movement with his refusal to even properly condemn the attacks. The president spoke up about the rash of hate crimes for the first time just last week, The Post noted.

Even in doing so, he was reluctant to condemn the true perpetrators, perversely remarking that threats can be “made in reverse” and insinuating that the attacks were false flag attacks by Jews themselves.

If the so-called president can’t stand up for American values of inclusiveness in the face of these 1930s-era racial threats, it is ever more important for the rest of us not to let down our guard. Under Mr. Trump’s present course of action, this nation is beginning to resemble a much darker place from a much darker time.




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