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Twitter Loses It Over Video Of Trump’s Hair Trying To Escape From His Head

Twitter Loses It Over Video Of Trump’s Hair Trying To Escape From His Head

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Twitter is going wild over a video posted by Deadspin editor Timothy Burke that appears to show Donald Trump’s hair coming to life and attempting to scurry off of his head. As Trump climbed up the steps to Air Force One, what began as hair blowing in the wind quickly turned into a solid mass of combover moving like a scared animal.


Twitters users took inspiration from the video to relentlessly mock Trump’s bizarre coif.

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Donald Trump is a man of many sartorial mysteries. Why does he tape his ties? Why does he paint himself such an unnatural shade of orange? Especially when we can see where the orange paint ends and his pallid skin begins?

But none of these compare to the incomprehensible thing that lives on his head. We still don’t understand it, but we certainly appreciate Burke shedding a bit of light on the matter, and all the humorous commentary that followed.

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