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The British Spy Who Wrote The Trump Blackmail Dossier Just Reappeared

The British Spy Who Wrote The Trump Blackmail Dossier Just Reappeared

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Former MI6 spy Christopher Steele disappeared after BuzzFeed News’ controversial release of his Trump-Russia dossier, also known as the “Golden Showers Dossier” just under two months ago.

Today, Christopher Steele suddenly emerged from hiding and gave a mini-press conference in front of the London offices of his company Orbis to thank his supporters. His press release says:

“Orbis Business Intelligence has an established track record of providing strategic intelligence, forensic investigation and risk consulting services to a broad client base.

“The nature of our business, and our high standards of professionalism, dictate that we would not disclose to the public information on any specific aspects of our work. We remain fully committed to the secure provision of our services to our clients and partners worldwide.

“We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for the generous support we have received from clients and colleagues over recent weeks.”

The explosive raw intelligence dossier floated around official Washington, D.C. for months before being released. Afterward, it was revealed that FBI Director James Comey knew of the dossier while he publicly issued the infamous Hillary Clinton memos just before last October’s elections. Republican Senator John McCain delivered the dossier to Comey.

Just this past weekend, CNN made a report which actually confirmed one of the key assertion of Steele’s dossier: that Donald Trump made a political deal with the Russian Federation to soften the Republican Party’s stance on Ukraine in exchange for email hacking help to win the election.

Nobody knows why Christopher Steele dropped out of sight in the first place, although it’s not too difficult to imagine why someone who just unveiled the crime of the century – which involves the murderous Vladmir Putin – might fear for their life.

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It’s equally uncertain why Steele has suddenly and so publicly returned to work.

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What we do know is that the FBI worked with Steele in the past and found him to be so credible that they wanted to pay him to continue investigating the Trump-Russia connection.

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Here’s the British spy’s ambiguous welcome home message:

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