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Trump Is So Embarrassing That Chinese Media Just Reported Satire About Him As Fact

Trump Is So Embarrassing That Chinese Media Just Reported Satire About Him As Fact

Mainstream Chinese news outlets published reports citing a New Yorker article about President Donald Trump’s extreme paranoia this week. The Communist Party has near-total control over the media, so the Chinese people believed the shocking reports detailing Trump ordering all the White House telephones to be wrapped in tin foil.

The only catch? The state-run Chinese media was copying a piece of satire. Andy Borowitz, the hilarious political satirist, wrote a piece mocking Trump’s paranoia about being wiretapped by former President Barack Obama – which certainly did not happen.

Borowitz’s article was titled Trump Orders All White House Phones Covered In Tin Foil” and described total chaos in the White House that Trump lorded over in a bathrobe.

Borowitz writes,

“According to the sources, Trump contacted staffers Kellyanne Conway and Sean Spicer at approximately 6 a.m. and instructed them to purchase enough tin foil to cover every phone in the building.

“The President, still wearing his bathrobe after what was reportedly a sleepless night, personally supervised the tin-foil installation, sources said.”

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Unfortunately, according to Borowitz, the foil ritual was not sufficient to convince Trump that he is safe from Obama: Trump was caught muttering, “‘He’s still here somewhere, I know it.’

The most telling part of this story is that Trump is so nuts that Chinese Party sources actually believed what Borowitz wrote. We don’t know whether to laugh or cry about the way other countries view America and its President – supposedly the leader of the free world.

Frankly, we would not be entirely surprised if Trump did line the White House with tin foil. The moral of this story is that America elected an incompetent conspiracy theorist as president who behaves so erratically that it’s becoming impossible to discern between fact and fiction.

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