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CNN Just SAVAGED Spicer Over Pathetic Trump Wiretap Excuses

CNN Just SAVAGED Spicer Over Pathetic Trump Wiretap Excuses

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This morning on CNN, Alisyn Camerota and cohost Chris Cuomo offered deep insight into the chaos of the Donald Trump Administration wrapped in a wry sense of humor (video below).

At yesterday’s White House press conference, Press Secretary Sean Spicer flip-flopped incoherently when asked about Trump’s allegations that former President Obama wiretapped his campaign and transition.

Camerota explains, “First [Spicer] said that yes, Donald Trump is the subject of a federal investigation.”

Midway through his answer, however, an aide appeared with a note that was handed to Spicer.

After reading the note Spicer immediately said,

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There is no reason we have to think that the president is the target of any investigation whatsoever. The tweet dealt with wiretaps during the campaign, the other is an investigation. They are two separate issues.”

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The immediate backtracking is nothing short of comical.

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Cuomo held up a piece of paper with a nonsensical flowchart asking, “Do you think this was the note?” He suggested that his clumsily written note might explain what prompted Spicer “to go in seven different directions.”

Cuomo and Camerota also burst out laughing about Spicer managing to say in the same breath that wiretaps targeting Trump are a “separate issue” from an investigation. Why on earth would wiretaps be ordered unless it was for an investigation?

Political analyst David Drucker explained that the absurd press conferences the White House has been holding are the result of having “a president who doesn’t consult with his top aides before he decides to make an issue of something.”

In this case, the issue Trump created is the wiretapping scandal.

Drucker suspects that Trump “didn’t consult with anyone [before tweeting] and his aides are left to clean up the mess.”

And it certainly is a big mess for the aides to cope with. As Drucker explains,

[Trump] potentially implicated himself as being the subject of an investigation which would only happen if a FISA [Federal Intelligence Surveillance Act] judge found it credible that a warrant should be granted for him to be monitored.

Trump aides are in the spotlight with reporters demanding that they explain the President’s words that are not the result of any strategy meeting – they make no sense.

Camerota points out that it looks like aides aren’t even briefed on communications before they are sent to meet the press, exemplified by the mysterious note showing up half way through a press conference.

They have “no idea” what is going on and are forced to do what Camerota aptly describes as “verbal backbends,” trying to make the farfetched things Trump says on Twitter appear plausible.

Trump’s appalling management skills are almost enough to make us feel sorry for aides. But ultimately, they are complicit in his Administration’s inhumane policy agenda and are shameless Trump apologists. We are happy to have a good laugh at their expense.

Watch the video here:


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