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Jeff Sessions Just Got Career-Ending News Over His Trump-Russia Cover-Up

Jeff Sessions Just Got Career-Ending News Over His Trump-Russia Cover-Up

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Republican Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III is facing a bar complaint and possible disbarment after perjuring himself in Congressional testimony and trying to cover up his blatant lies with even more knowing and willing falsehoods, which he sent to the Senate in writing last week after losing Congressional immunity from prosecution.

The Boston-area lawyer who filed the complaint against AG Sessions connected the dots on a key flaw in the improvised, amateur defense presented by the former lawmaker, who is facing calls to step down as America’s top law enforcement officer.

Last week, after the Washington Post had revealed that AG Sessions had met with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak twice during the presidential campaign, he responded in three ways.

First, Sessions had a spokesperson respond on Twitter, then he proceeded to make candid remarks on camera at the Justice Department, in what might be termed an instant self-deposition, and lastly by sending a signed letter (page 17 of the complaint) wherein he repeated his sworn testimony.

While Sessions has admitted to the two meetings that the Washington Post discovered last week, there was yet a third contact between him and the Russian Ambassador at an official campaign event. Amazingly, that means AG Sessions’ cover up letter is at minimum factually incorrect.

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Attorney J. Whitfield Larrabee’s complaint succinctly lays out why the cover-up is often worse than the original crime. His complaint details AG Sessions’ abuse of office in attempting to chase away charges of perjury, and the general appearance of impropriety of an Attorney General supervising deputies who may be investigating himself. He told us on the phone:

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“We have a corrupt Attorney General. He gave false testimony to the Senate during his confirmation hearing. He engaged in a cover up of his false statement. He involved Justice Department employees in the cover-up. He abused his position as Attorney General.”

“He must step down. Immediately.”

Furthermore, Larrabee noted in the complaint that there’s a strong precedent for criminal prosecution of those who would lie to Congress in seeking or holding the high office of Attorney General.

Disgraced ex-President Richard Nixon’s former Attorney General was convicted for lying to a Senate confirmation hearing about discussions with the President. AG Sessions lied about a grave matter of national security.

The Alabama Bar says that it usually takes 6-18 months for a complaint to mature into an investigation and a decision and that all complaints are reviewed, and a written response given to the complainant.

Two weeks ago, Larrabee filed a similar complaint with the Wisconsin Supreme Court, seeking to discipline Trump’s White House Chief of Staff for obstructing justice by intimidating FBI officials investigating the Administration.

Unfortunately, until Sessions’ appoints a special prosecutor or lets his subordinates hold him accountable for perjury, we will be stuck with a formerly racist Southern prosecutor unable to be confirmed as a district judge, best known for fighting to suppress the African-American vote in the 1980s, and today.

America deserves an Attorney General who can at least spend an entire Senate confirmation hearing without lying, let alone committing perjury about his own, potentially treasonous political activities with Russia.

Alabama Bar Complaint – Attorney General Jeff Sessions by Grant Stern on Scribd

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