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A Democrat Just Filed A Bill To Keep Trump From Pocketing Taxpayer Dollars

A Democrat Just Filed A Bill To Keep Trump From Pocketing Taxpayer Dollars

One Democratic Congressman has had enough of President Trump’s insatiable greed.

Tired of the fact that President Trump has refused to divest himself of ongoing conflicts of interest related to his sprawling business empire, Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) has introduced the “No TRUMP Act”.

The title of the bill is a clever acronym that stands for No Taxpayer Revenue Used to Monetise the Presidency Act, and it would outlaw any use of federal money to pay for accommodations, events, or any other expenses at properties owned or operated by a president or their family.

While the bill would immediately target President Trump, it would apply to anyone who eventually holds the Presidency.

Despite nominal efforts to make it look like he’s separated himself from his businesses by handing the operational reigns over to his sons, Trump continues to own and profit from the businesses he controlled before assuming office. According to USA Today:

Blumenauer said he’s long been concerned about Trump’s refusal to divest his ownership stake in the Trump Organization. The issues have become more evident with reports of taxpayers footing bills for Secret Service and embassy officials to travel with Trump’s children on a business trip and as government officials spend time at Trump facilities.

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“It’s a very real problem that he’s further enriching his enterprises,” Blumenauer said.

While it’s doubtful that the bill has a chance of moving forward in a Republican-controlled Congress hell-bent on keeping their rubber stamp in office, Congressman Blumenauer deserves applause for keeping this important issue in the forefront of the public eye and trying to restore ethics to an office that’s being exploited to line Trump’s pockets like a banana republic.

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